Making It Happen: Squint's Dane Adrian

Written by Tamara Styer

It’s happened again. 

You heard about a band from nowhere that “caught the attention” of some Big Name in the music industry and you just played a gig where you wondered at times whether the people there were even conscious.
Your brow furrows, you scratch your head, you order a double.

On the Scene: Springfield MO

by Tamara Styer

     Springfield, Missouri was the place to be Saturday the 11th, where several of the top bands in the area performed across town.
     Alternative indie rock band Canto 17 opened at Nathan P. Murphy’s with an acoustic set, performing their laid-back, Jack Johnson-style original tunes as well as some Dave Matthews Band covers.

Todd Osbern of Canto 17. Photo courtesy of Canto 17, Copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved.


On the Scene: Nukldeep

by Tamara Styer

Deitra Mag traveled to Springfield, Missouri Friday night to catch Nukldeep's debut appearance at the Ugly Mug Live Music Tavern. The place was packed with men and women who live and breathe rock, bobbing their heads to the thrashing bands until late hours of the night.


Before Fame Gave Them Affirmation: A Look at Reverbnation

Written by David J. Rivera

While sitting in a small venue or park concert, the opening band's chord progression is so unique that it isn't possible to continue conversing, smoking, even flirting with those that are within earshot of the band. Without words, the band commands the attention of the captive audience.


Music Review: Assembly Line Gods

Written by Tamara Styer | Photographed by Chet Smith

Genre: Hard Rock/Metal/Alternative
Location: Springfield, Missouri
Songs to Check Out: "Seveneight", "New Best Friend" and "Coil"

David Samples, vocals
E.B. Cox, guitars
Carson Underwood, drums
Josh Kroeger, bass

SPiNRaD: Life Returns

Written by David J. Rivera | Photographed by James Moore

SPiNRaD is one of the most talented and promising groups in the area. Their music is a new breed of jazz, rock and funk that has been steadily wedging its head through the bluegrass and country roots of Northwest Arkansas. Their prominence in the music scene has begun to generate a national interest as they plan their first cross-country tour. And they are having a blast doing it. But underneath the liveliness onstage and the constant wisecracks offstage, they are serious and driven toward their passions with emotional severity. Deitra Mag’s own David J. Rivera writes.
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