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Anna Wolf: Life in Metaphors

I'VE BEEN OBSESSING OVER Anna Wolf since she first sent me her music a few years ago. I love her alternative sound, and I get excited to see anything she releases. She recently dropped a new single that I'm enamored with, entitled "Mother," and I think Anna is a master at vocal delivery, songwriting and music production. She can sound like a lot of different singers all in the same song, but "Mother" is especially a masterpiece of production. 

The Vogts Sisters: Old Mountain Music

THE VOGTS SISTERS ARE an Americana-Folk duo from the midwest with soft, haunting voices fluttering together in perfect harmony over their special blend of ethereal, finger-picking goodness. The sisters compliment each other in an otherworldly way, their harmonies unexpected and seamless. They've got something special, and their latest album is the perfect one to add to your forest-wandering playlist. Each and every song on the album is impeccably arranged, produced and performed. There's not a single skip, each track teaming with its own unique magic that brings the entire body of work together in a beautiful way. The sisters are self-taught musicians, but they sound like old souls who've been singing for decades, evoking a peaceful spirit of American folk and Appalachian roots. We love the simplicity and mystical feeling of the arrangements, the smooth harmonies at times tugging at our heart strings, luring us in to listen to the next track. 

WD-HAN: Music is Modern Magic

WD-HAN BEATS THE ODDS, focusing on making a positive impact on people's lives through music, they say. The band is made up of two married couples; lead singer Spencer Barnes, guitarist Cal Henry, percussionist Lea Barnes, and band manager Marjorye Henry. WD-HAN aims for emotional depth in their songwriting, which does exist in their repertoire with songs like the piano-driven, harmony-rich crooner ballad "Places." But when you click play on their track, "Monkey," you're going to instantly know why we're obsessed. Their sound vibrates with high-energy songs, ranging from scuzzy garage rock to trad-blues stompers. You'll think you're listening to an unreleased White Stripes b-sides record during the Indie Aughts, and we're quite honestly salivating for more. Read on for our exclusive interview with frontman Spencer Barnes.

Fidan Aliva: Music is My Remedy

ALTERNATIVE ARTIST FIDAN ALIVA delivers airy, buttery vocals over smooth tracks with a pale ribbon of R&B running throughout a dreamy, ethereal electronic landscape. Her sound has just enough alternative to keep her in a lane of her own, but hints at a seriously smart marriage of the ever atmospheric Bjork and the sultry soul of Sade. We fell in love with every stylistic whisper... each dark, smoky note.

The Eiffels Spin Us Right 'Round

THE EIFFELS ARE AN INDIE POP band that's been on our radar and in our playlists for a few years now. Hailing from Los Angeles, the band has been piling up a stack of accolades from magazine write-ups and radio play in L.A. to landing tracks on video games, hit Netflix movies and MTV series. They've performed at Van’s Warped Tour and performed with artists like X Ambassadors and Plain White T’s.

Fall Boho Beauty

Written, styled + photographed by Kristen Lentz
Modeled by Lexi Miles

I THINK WE CAN all empathize with each other about the lack of feeling a lot of things this year. It's been hard! There have been multiple times of feeling defeated, lackluster, non-creative, etc. Covid sure has messed up a lot of plans, especially for us here at Deitra. I had originally planned to do this photo shoot back in March. Our model was contacted, along with our co-collaborator. Plans were a go. Then, more started happening with this virus, and state shutdowns soon followed. Thankfully, with safety precautions in place, we felt it was good timing to reconvene this fall.

Graci Phillips: Whispers in the Wind

GRACI PHILLIPS GIVES US SWEET, sweet relief from the stresses of the world with her stunning EP releases, Burning House EP and Stopping by Woods. Her beautifully pure vocals dance over emotive and articulate lyrics, accompanied by an Americana-based indie pop/folk instrumentation, with songs like the balladesque EP title track, "Burning House," and the upbeat folksy swing tune, "Conductor Doctor." Her most recent release, Stopping by Woods, offers the wintery love song, "Rainy Tennessee," along with a few holiday songs that bear her signature sound and thoughtful arrangements — including a haunting and utterly euphonious musical interpretation of Robert Frost's famous poem, "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening."


Kim Logan: Elevating the Experience

KIM LOGAN FLAUNTS AN exquisite sultry voice, sexy lion mane of hair, rocker vibe and songs that make us feel like we're throwing back a moonshine at a cool blues bar. Her 2013 self-titled debut album, Kim Logan, is what first caught our attention. "Black Magic Boy" bears a retro soul sound and just enough witchy vibe to make us instant fans. The entire record sweeps us up into a jazzy swamp stomp airboat ride through the Delta, Logan's smooth and soulful voice enticing us with precision and force. 

Stevie Victory: World of Another

HE'S A MULTI-TALENTED ARTIST with a distinct personal style. His acting roles can be seen on such independent films as Counting to 1000, a post-modern horror flick that has received the Best Film award from SATO48 — Stevie himself landing runner up for Best Actor. He has a solid background writing and performing music in various formations, and is an incredible portrait artist, painter and a master of the Deitra runway, adding his own personal flair of character stemming from his acting experience. A truly deep soul and creative entity, Stevie has a mind that we could dive into head first. Following is a photo shoot created by Deitra photographer, Leslie Tucker, as well as an exclusive interview that merely scratches the surface of this ultra-talented dude.

Inkblot Astronaut: Into the Stratosphere

INDIE ROCK BAND INKBLOT ASTRONAUT brings us a mix of rock and funk fit for today's pop music landscape. With a flair from 90s and 2000s rock, Inkblot Astronaut was created by vocalist Zak Armstrong and lead guitarist Mike Fowler, and the duo is joined by bassist Ryan Hertia and drummer Eric Gendron.
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