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Deitra Magazine Evolution Fashion Show | Sci-Fi Runway

Watch the official video from our Evolution Fashion Show!


Deitra Fashion Show: Evolution

Deitra Magazine presents Evolution, a Sci-Fi Runway Experience inspired by cult classic films like Blade Runner, Alien, Predator, The Fifth Element and more.


Deitra Fashion: Everyday Witch

IT'S TIME FOR HALLOWEEN — our favorite time of year — and we wanted to do another spooky photo shoot for Deitra! For the overall look, photographer Matt Loveland was inspired to do something witchy, but more subtle and less like a costume. "I guess another way I’d describe the look would be as Everyday Witch!" says Loveland.


The ReverbNation Submissions: Samantha Paige Lucas

POP SOUL SINGER/SONGWRITER Samantha Paige Lucas immediately lured us in with her flute-like vocals and sultry vibe. Her single track "Wish You Were Mine" is a slow groove beat that showcases her unique tone and lyrics straight out of a lovesick diary. With a passion for music and performing on stage, S.P.L introduces a sexier, darker sound to hip hop beats and R&B soul songwriting.

Myths & Monsters: The Fauness

For this photo shoot, Editor Tamara Styer and Beauty Director Kristen Lentz were inspired by “The Fauness,” an illustration and sculpture in Rose O’Neill’s Sweet Monsters collection.

Modeled by Cori Edwards and photographed by Matt Loveland, Styer and Lentz set out to capture the charm and whimsy of the female version of the faun - a mythological half-human, half-goat creature notorious for their lustful nature and their love of the forest and music. Though few female fauns can be found in stories, our Fauness is as beautiful as she is sly and cunning, luring us into her wooded abode with dancing and the eerie enchantment of her pan flute song.

Deitra Beauty: BareMinerals Makeup Review

Welcome to Deitra Magazine's first makeup review video with Beauty Director Kristen Lentz and Editor in Chief Tamara Styer. This week we are reviewing makeup from BareMinerals. Head to our website to check out more from Deitra, and get discounts on BareMinerals products! If you like this video, be sure to click like, subscribe and comment about what you'd like to see from us next!


Best Friends Part Deux: Acroyoga

Following suit with our Best Friends photo shoot series, I had a lot of fun with this one as well! Jessica Manuel, Leah Haines and Chelsea Campbell were my models for this shoot because they truly have such a special bond of friendship. Their sisterly-like love for each other flows into everyone they meet and they always want to make sure everyone’s included. I love that about them! 


Deitra Fashion: Best Friends at Tommyhawks

Have you ever just met someone, and after spending about five to ten minutes with them, you just know you're going to be instant friends?! That's how we all felt when chatting with Kacey Jennings, the co-owner and manager of TommyHawks Axe House in Springfield, MO. This was such a perfect vibe to get as this whole photo shoot revolved around the theme of Best Friends. I wanted a summer fashion photo shoot with guys. The big difference is that nine times out of ten when you see a guys’ photoshoot, they're posed all too cool for school in some suburban area. Don't get me wrong, I genuinely have an appreciation and love for those! But for this, I just wanted something with a totally different feel to it. (Usually, I'm working with ladies doing hair and/or makeup, so I love that this was pushing me out of my element a bit.) I wanted that nice, summer casual feel along with some activity where a couple of friends would go to hang out and have a good time. Axe throwing was the first thing that popped into my head, and I'm so glad we were given the opportunity with TommyHawks. 


Deitra Issue 15 Now Available!

Issue 15 of Deitra Magazine is now available for purchase! 

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The ReverbNation Submissions: December Fades

Photo by Erin Laméy

DECEMBER FADES HAS CAUGHT our attention with his moody, melodic alternative tracks and dark, melancholic lyrics. This is the type of music that melts us into a deeper frame of mind, and brings on a cathartic creative spirit. Singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Kevin Rogers is masterful and imaginative in his soundscape portrayal of the emotionally raw and gripping moments of tragedy and romantic upheaval. In this evocative interview with the artist, Rogers describes an intimate connection with his own demons, his artful approach to songwriting and his windfall underground successes after the release of the ingenious Is It Love EP.  
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