Anna Wolf: Life in Metaphors

I'VE BEEN OBSESSING OVER Anna Wolf since she first sent me her music a few years ago. I love her alternative sound, and I get excited to see anything she releases. She recently dropped a new single that I'm enamored with, entitled "Mother," and I think Anna is a master at vocal delivery, songwriting and music production. She can sound like a lot of different singers all in the same song, but "Mother" is especially a masterpiece of production. 

Ambient background vocals sweep up and around the lyrics, and I am immersed into another world inside the song. She sometimes sings softly and other times she's belting out in rage. I love these lyrics from "Mother"— I can't bear to say goodbye / to say goodbye again / to a friend, to a lover, to another / I refuse to feel this pain again / How am I supposed to see without your eyes / Maybe that's the mistake I made / Now I have to learn how to see through mine / But I don't wanna breathe. And then it goes into a hauntingly beautiful build wrought with emotion and powerful delivery. The storytelling is compelling, and resonated heavily with me through a time of deep grief.

"The video shows how we, as humans, go through tough times when we lose someone we love," Anna wrote about the song. "It can feel like darkness is taking over our daily lives, making us feel stuck and overwhelmed. It's important to remember that it's okay not to be okay sometimes."

Anna has been steeped in music and the business for a lifetime. Her musical background is abundant with variety, including ties to opera, church, and even Marilyn Manson, a combination that makes sense considering the unique sound and imagery she uses throughout her oeuvre. Originally hailing from South Africa, she has a number of songwriting awards and accolades under her belt.

Anna's vocal range is incredibly cool; she sings creatively, using her voice as an instrument moving effortlessly through her music, each song a unique piece of art lending a different listening experience than the last. She uses every part of her voice, sometimes breathy and soprano, other times full and rounded alto, and soars up into punk rock alt rips. She knows exactly how to express herself, and draws us into the story she is telling with her music. Listening to each song is like being immersed in another place and time.

Anna's music videos are works of art — dark and disturbing, beautiful and captivating, ethereal and strange. She's usually donning all black, and wears her hair in a befitting wolf cut — straight, glossy and black. The music video for "GONG" is like being inside a dark and magical fantasy movie, and then we head into a cotton candy acid trip on "Heaven Breathes Out," set to an upbeat alt-pop track in which Anna is wearing a pink babydoll dress and banging on a pink bass drum. "Can I Get High On You" is otherworldly, moody and dramatic, from the set design to the coils of black hair slicked down her temples. 

"Believer" has a ribbon of gritty delta stomp, something like club meets swamp. The music video depicts the dark underbelly of religion. Her lyrics dig deep, full of meaning and poetic expression. It is obvious that a lot of detailed work goes into her song arrangements — hand claps, banging bass drums, acoustic guitar and a rhythmic chorus. 

Anna's voice sounds a little different on every song, but with subtle things that make you know it's her. If I must compare, I'm getting some Bjork vibes, Fiona Apple, Meg Myers and even Julia Stone, although nobody else really sounds like Anna Wolf. This is a true artist in our midst, and I couldn't be more excited to finally introduce her music to the Deitra audience. Read on for some words from Anna Wolf, which we are honored to publish!

Anna Wolf — London, England
Original Song Submitted: "GONG"

ABOUT THE ARTIST: I'm Anna Wolf, an alternative solo performer, creative curator, actress, author, and director, originally from South Africa and now based in London. With several singles under my belt, including the latest "Mother," I've been immersed in the music industry for many years. I chose to be featured in your magazine because I'm a big fan of what you stand for – intent is everything, and your message speaks volumes. Keep up the great work! 

MUSICAL BACKGROUND: I signed my first record deal at 14 in South Africa while part of a band. Although the deal and the band didn't pan out, the lessons learned were invaluable. My musical roots trace back to my great-grandmother's opera singing and my grandparents' church performances. My dad's diverse music taste, from Marilyn Manson to various genres, greatly influenced my music-writing patterns.

ON SONGWRITING: I was around 6 years old when I wrote my first song about lipgloss. 

I see life in metaphors, and my writing reflects that.

MUSICAL INFLUENCES: My inspirations range from Johnny Cash and Mac Miller to Julia Fox, Fran Lebowitz, Elon Musk, and Kanye West. While not all are musicians, their drive and work ethic inspires my artistic energy. 

ON MOTIVATION: Life, the world's direction, it's dark and light aspects, love, and the roller coaster of existence. I see life in metaphors, and my writing reflects that.

ORIGINAL SOUND: Raw, visceral, truth. My truth. 

FAVORITE MUSICAL ERA: It varies, from 1920s French music to new age, with the '90s being a particularly appealing era, Tribe Called Quest and Tupac.

ON PERFORMING + RECORDING: Performing offers a direct energy exchange with the audience, creating an intense experience. Recording in the studio provides a different kind of intimacy, allowing for contemplation and immersive storytelling. Both hold equal value for me.

ON FASHION: As a creative curator, an Anna Wolf show merges visual, musical, and artistic elements. 

OVERCOMING HARDSHIPS: Numerous hardships, from countless no's to yesses for the wrong reasons. Life lessons taught me the importance of proving oneself through action. I believe in doing the work, not just talking about it. 

 I believe in doing the work, not just talking about it. 

SIGNIFICANT ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Every accomplishment is equally meaningful to me. Check out my book Medicine available at annawolf_gallery on Instagram or order via The book launch, "The Anna Wolf Experience," happens on March 26th at 75 Dean Street in Soho, London. 

FUTURE HOPES + DREAMS: To live a happy life.

ADVICE FOR FELLOW MUSICIANS: Keep going and focus on the art, not the outcome. DM


Written by Tamara Styer
Photographed by Paul Harries and Bakkes Photography

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