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moving onward: rosco wuestewald

From the archives of Deitra Issue 06 comes this in depth interview with Rosco Wuestewald of folk band Onward Etc. A rising indie music star out of Springfield, Missouri, Rosco has gone on to tour the world since publication of this article in October 2013. We can't wait to feature him again and find out where he has traveled, who he has met and how things have changed in his personal and professional life. But in the meantime, enjoy this intimate look into the Old Soul.  

written by Tamara Styer | photographed by Matt Loveland
IT’S A WARM, SUNNY day in Springfield, MO, and Deitra Mag meets up with Rosco Wuestewald of Onward, Etc. for a cold beverage on the patio of J.O.B. Whiskey Lounge. Rosco has just gotten back from a national tour, having visited cities in Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia. His second day back into town, he finally gets a moment to relax.
     Rosco is the kind of guy that’s friends with everybody. He’s the one c…

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