Before Fame Gave Them Affirmation: A Look at Reverbnation

Written by David J. Rivera

While sitting in a small venue or park concert, the opening band's chord progression is so unique that it isn't possible to continue conversing, smoking, even flirting with those that are within earshot of the band. Without words, the band commands the attention of the captive audience.

"Who is that?"

"I don't know, but they are going to be good. Just wait."

The thrill of personally discovering a new artist is similar to finding out that Santa really is real, but there aren't enough believers yet. Each day, gives its users the ability to search for new artists from around the world. Believe it or not, marketing of popular music skews everyone's opinion of that music for better or worse. By listening to new, independent music, fans can decide for themselves. The freedom from influence is exhilarating! But, there is more to than the music critics. allows its fans (anyone who joins that is not an artist, venue, label, manager, etc.) to experience, review, and express interest in independent new music for free. As a result, artists, managers, venues and record labels can follow the statistics kept by in order to accurately estimate the popularity of the said free music. is a user-friendly site that has opened up the social networking goldmine to artists like no other site has done to date, and there are few logicians out there who could refute this statement. has the potential to do for artists what Facebook did for the unpopular kid in highschool. Who would have thought she had a tattoo on her... wrist? Previously unknown artists can perform at a venue, subtly mention on their merch or graphics and immediately have free advertising on a beautifully crafted website. By uploading their music to artists give their fans the chance to experience new music, and share it with others. Essentially, it gets indie bands noticed and gives thrifty fans that wouldn't think of making an impulse buy at a concert a second chance to purchase new music to spice up their stagnant iTunes library. Remember, friends don't let friends listen to bad music. While fans enjoy sharing the music, artists have the opportunity to get invaluable feedback on the music that they have worked hard to produce. It is impossible to hide ugly with lipstick and even harder to put makeup on sound waves, but a captivating, beautiful melody makes both managers and venues see nothing but green. allows its members to send playlists to friends and family who can then listen to the music without even opening an account with Their radio feature allows fans to experience new music without even searching for new artists. It doesn't get much better than this, so...

"Hey Reverb, How 'bout a date?"

After Santa is discovered, he's not nearly as magical as he once was. With, The Great Pumpkin lives to be discovered another day.   DM

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