On the Scene: Nukldeep

by Tamara Styer

Deitra Mag traveled to Springfield, Missouri Friday night to catch Nukldeep's debut appearance at the Ugly Mug Live Music Tavern. The place was packed with men and women who live and breathe rock, bobbing their heads to the thrashing bands until late hours of the night.

"If you want Metal, the Ugly Mug is where it's at," one fan said.

But the crowd was not the only fan base pumping up the rock music scene. All of the bands were supportive of each other. "It's camaraderie," one rocker said.  Much of the crowd that filled the hazy, laser-light filled room were members of rock bands in the Springfield music scene, including Feel No Fear, ENduVal and Subject to Loss.

It was like being inside a tight-knit community, lead singer of ENduVal, Josh Krone, energizing the crowd while giving props to all the bands who shared the stage that night, and later raising a glass in memory of yet another band's bass player who recently died.

Nukldeep, with vocalist George Galvin, lead guitarist Butch Espanol, drummer Fred Wilkins and bassist Ron Blair, took the stage, rocking out to their songs, "Nukldeep", "Killing for Flowers" and Deitra Mag's favorite, "Torn". (It seems a lifetime since you've gone/ an empty room it's not the same/ each night when the sun sets down/ I think of the time when we would reach for the sky/ your life will all go down in flames/ I can't stand/ Torn apart by the hands of time.)

"I hear the Pink Floyd influence," says Jeff, a musician from Springfield. "And they remind me of Audioslave." The influence of Chris Cornell (Soundgarden/Audioslave) is obvious in Galvin's vocals. Nukldeep also claims Metallica, Tool, Toadies, U2, Sevendust and Zeppelin to be among the bands they draw influence from.


Nukldeep held their own among some of the best rock and metal bands in Springfield, and the crowd at the Ugly Mug proved it. "Loved The Ugly Mug," says drummer Fred Wilkins. "Great staff, really good sound system, about the best in town."

Of all the different kinds of bands, so many have one thing in common: they are their own worst critic. But that makes for a group of musicians who strive for greatness, always reaching higher. Galvin works with a vocal coach, and guitarist Butch Espanol said he is exploring a more abstract, ambient sound. This kind of cultivation can only lead to greater songwriting, performances and success. Exactly where Nukldeep is headed.

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  1. Thank you Tamara for the kind words...u rock!!!

  2. Thank you Tamara, for comming to Springfield!! We had a great time meeting and hanging out with you, Keep up the Great work, Ron Blair.

  3. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I couldnt make last nights show, but I do follow Nukldeep and love the sound they produce! The guys are great and are extremely dedicated to serving out one of the best sounds in the area! I promise guys I wont miss another show!! Pat


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