Music Review: Assembly Line Gods

Written by Tamara Styer | Photographed by Chet Smith

Genre: Hard Rock/Metal/Alternative
Location: Springfield, Missouri
Songs to Check Out: "Seveneight", "New Best Friend" and "Coil"

David Samples, vocals
E.B. Cox, guitars
Carson Underwood, drums
Josh Kroeger, bass

Their Bio:
Built on the wooden floors of an old converted grain mill, Assembly Line Gods have been designing the blueprint for their fist-pumping, head-nodding and high energy hard rock/metal package since late 2008. Rocking every bar, club, festival and house party they can in the Springfield, MO regional area, ALG have packed up their '78 Chevy van and turned on a shock-wave machine to share the experience with as many people across the USA as possible.

David Samples' genre defying vocals weave interchangeably from melodic single and harmony lines to demonic growls, putting a lyrical sheen over the chunky, testosterone filled power chords of E. B. Cox who helps give the band its alternative-rock edge. Josh Kroeger's hauntingly intricate bass lines lend to the bands tight yet spacey foundation while Carson Underwood goes out-of-the-box on the entire drum kit, selling the audience everything from metal infused double kick rhythms to Latin inspired dance grooves. Bolt everything together and attach the stage bending antics of all four members, it combines into a crowd-pleasing show that converts both rock and non-rock fans alike.

Their freshman effort Shelter for My Enemy gives listeners a taste of things to come and an aural souvenir of the live shows. The four song EP has produced tracks such as "Liberty Bell" and "Coil", both of which currently receive terrestrial and internet-based airplay across the world and find themselves included on several compilation and sampler CDs. Each victory brings Assembly Line Gods one step closer to being an essential staple for the music scene, now and in the future.

DM's Take: Reminiscent of 90's Bush and Tool, Assembly Line Gods deserve review, being one of the most talented rock groups we've come across in our search for bands in the Northwest Arkansas/Southern Missouri area.

Samples' distinct vocals are diverse, ranging from dark to intense. Comparable to Maynard James Keenan (Tool and A Perfect Circle), his melodies are both moody and energetic.

Drawing from influences such as Sevendust and System of a Down, Assembly Line Gods are sure not to disappoint with their high energy sound reinforced with a hard-rock edge. From Cox's tight, chunky guitar riffs, Kroeger's aggressively funky bass lines to Underwood's explosive drum grooves, ALG has something to offer for every rock music fan. It's worth a trip to see this ultra talented group in concert.   DM

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