Best Friends Part Deux: Acroyoga

Following suit with our Best Friends photo shoot series, I had a lot of fun with this one as well! Jessica Manuel, Leah Haines and Chelsea Campbell were my models for this shoot because they truly have such a special bond of friendship. Their sisterly-like love for each other flows into everyone they meet and they always want to make sure everyone’s included. I love that about them!

Over the past several years, they found a passion in Acroyoga. This is a physical practice that combines yoga and acrobatics into one. It can be quite challenging, but incredibly fun as well. For this shoot, we had Matt Loveland as our photographer, while I directed and created the hair, makeup and fashion choices.

To get ready for this shoot, I contacted a local online boutique, Alex Erinn, about borrowing some of their clothes. This boutique has some extremely cute and comfy clothing choices that I just loved. (So much so, I couldn’t resist purchasing a pair of shorts for myself!) We borrowed three leotards and a few different pairs of shorts to allow the girls to have full range of mobility when doing their Acroyoga poses.

In the photo above, from left, Chelsea wore the cute green and white striped shorts with the bow and ruffle top. Leah, the lovely and bright multi-colored, striped tie shorts. Jessica wore these fun and flirty kelly green ruffle shorts.

Due to needing most of the hair out of their faces, ponytails, braids and loose curls were perfect. These are all great ways to keep the hair back on those hot days while looking fresh and nice. As for makeup, I’ve noticed the popular pink shades are still going strong, so we used one of our favorites, the Too Faced miniature peach palette for eyes and cheeks.

Matt had a great suggestion of heading to Ozarks Greenway Trails by Lost Hill Park on the far north side of Springfield, Missouri. It was a beautiful sunny day to enjoy being outside, and set up a spot in a nice area of the trail. There we found a bench and a soft, grassy spot to let our models play with Acroyoga poses.

These poses take a lot of flexibility, strength, balance and trust between you and your partner(s). If you’re looking for a new way to exercise, and like something a little out of the ordinary, I’d highly recommend looking into this group full of amazing people! On Facebook, you can find the group called Queen City Acro. Other ways to find classes are at Dance Mission on Wednesday evenings from 6:30 - 7:30 pm. These classes are $11 and teach you quite a bit from beginning to accelerated levels. There are also jam sessions in Phelps Groves Park on Mondays, 4:30 - 7:00pm weather permitting.

If you liked the fashion from this article, you can find Alex Erinn’s boutique on Instagram @shopalexerinn, or by going to the website

I hope you enjoyed this short series of summer shoots and have found some new activities to join or try around the Springfield area!

Thanks for reading,
Kristen Lentz

Models: Jessica Manuel, Leah Haines & Chelsea Campbell 
Photography: Matt Loveland
Hair, Makeup & Photo Shoot Director: Kristen Lentz

Kristen Lentz and her husband, Will, enjoy some Acroyoga on Torrey Pines Beach in California on their recent vacation together.
Kristen Lentz is the Beauty Director for Deitra Magazine. She has been doing hair in the industry for a decade, and an educator at Sexy Hair for over seven years. Follow her on Instagram at @kstylistlentz and on Facebook at Kristen at Salon Plus.

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