Deitra Fashion: Best Friends at Tommyhawks

Have you ever just met someone, and after spending about five to ten minutes with them, you just know you're going to be instant friends?! That's how we all felt when chatting with Kacey Jennings, the co-owner and manager of TommyHawks Axe House in Springfield, MO. This was such a perfect vibe to get as this whole photo shoot revolved around the theme of Best Friends. I wanted a summer fashion photo shoot with guys. The big difference is that nine times out of ten when you see a guys’ photoshoot, they're posed all too cool for school in some suburban area. Don't get me wrong, I genuinely have an appreciation and love for those! But for this, I just wanted something with a totally different feel to it. (Usually, I'm working with ladies doing hair and/or makeup, so I love that this was pushing me out of my element a bit.) I wanted that nice, summer casual feel along with some activity where a couple of friends would go to hang out and have a good time. Axe throwing was the first thing that popped into my head, and I'm so glad we were given the opportunity with TommyHawks. 

For this photo shoot, my husband, Will Lentz, and our friend Cory Glenn graciously obliged to being our models for the day. While this is something they haven't done much of before, they did a great job! After getting equipment set up and going over what angles to photograph from and what of, Kacey comes over to chat with Will, Cory, Matt and me. Before getting the rundown of their company's beginnings and proper ways to throw, we ended up talking for quite awhile of random things like family, adolescent shenanigans, and current life. (This is totally what I meant by that instant friend!) Kacey made us feel right at home with her and her crew.

TommyHawks opened in March of 2018 by Kacey and her husband, Tom Jennings. When you walk in, you see a large space with several lanes to throw axes down, games such as cornhole, a large version of Connect 4, etc., along with multiple military flags. So I had to ask! Who was the military personnel/veteran in the family? Tom is a current military contractor, as well as a former ROTC instructor for MSU. Not only are they this really cool duo with a couple of jobs, owning a business, and raising kids, but they have quite the philanthropic spirit. They care very much for their military families so much that, through TommyHawks, they have been able to provide support for others like K-9's for Camo and others in our local community as well.

After learning a bit about the business, Kacey went into showing us the best ways to throw, stand and play the games they've created. Matt Loveland was our wonderful photographer for the day to catch these goofy guys having a great time! Summer is the best time to sport those bold colors and patterns. We have Will wearing a bright turquoise pair of shorts, with a more neutral set of tops in grey and white with stripes and a nice solid button up chambray, and boat shoes. Cory is wearing a pair of denim jeans with a pastel pink button up with a fun parrot print, and khaki colored walking shoes. You can find similar looks in most stores, but you'll find great selections over at stores like Modern Society Apparel and Town & County Clothing. 2019 has been about pushing limits a bit like the 80's and 90's eras. So, try something a little different, mix some patterns and go have fun! If you haven't been over to TommyHawks Axe House yet, pop on over there to kick back. Once you've been the first time, you'll want to keep going. Who knows, you might even want to join their Axe Throwing League!

Hope you all enjoyed reading, and stay tuned for the next blog!

- Kristen Lentz

Written & Directed by Kristen Lentz
Photographed by Matt Loveland
Instructor: Kacey Jennings
Models: Will Lentz & Cory Glenn

Kristen Lentz is the Beauty Director for Deitra Magazine. She has been doing hair in the industry for a decade, and an educator at Sexy Hair for over seven years. Follow her on Instagram at @kstylistlentz and on Facebook at Kristen at Salon Plus.

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