Enduval: No Apologies

Written by Eric Moody

     From gripping melody to ripping screams and guitar riffs, Springfield, Missouri band ENduVal has a sound that competes with many rock bands rising up over the last decade. Lead vocalist Josh Krone sings with the smooth movement of early Incubus front man Brandon Boyd and the intensity of Slipknot's Corey Taylor. Krone's lyrics hit a poetic note of this generation's emotional state: "Fight the world all alone / I am strong on my own / Fuel the fire that burns inside / Fear the day that I fall / I will die for it all / Let the anger within / Fall like dust from your hands."

     ENduVal is igniting the local scene with an original sound that’s almost hypnotizing, as it gently slides between a mixture of harmony and chaos.  Oh, and we can’t forget the die hard fans and friends who inspire them to be what they are today.  When asked what the band meant to them, they say, “It’s about inspiration and setting ourselves apart from the rest of the crowd, trying to make an impact in our own way.”
      ENduVal came together from the remnants of many other bands, but great friendship helped pull this new beginning, and as they say it’s the “End of All” the old as they started anew.
     When they started the band they wanted a sound that is different from the rest.  With the diversity of styles and different musical taste and influence the members of the band had, it was no surprise that they succeeded in finding their own sound. 
      ENduVal has a metal-core type sound, but with many different influences from the band members.  When you listen you can get a taste of blues or jazz and sometimes maybe a little hint of ska or metal.  At first they thought their different styles would clash, but it all seems to be fitting together better than anything they have done before.  “We try to be more than one dimension, we try to be layered with a really cool sound that the people can respond to,” the band says.

     When writing original music, they say it just happens to come to them.  Sitting down and writing a song just doesn't work for them.  It gets frustrating and they get frustrated with each other, but if they just let the music flow and do what it’s going to do then they are all good. Vibes from the heart and soul are always the most amazing. 
     “Our motto is, 'We suck! Try Harder!' and we are always practicing and striving to make ourselves better."
     When asked if they had anything to say to the rest of us who are trying to live our dreams, positive will and words are the only two things on their mind.
     “Do it for happiness and joy. There are too many people who hit rough patches and just want to throw in the towel, but if it is really something you love you need to embrace it.  Never give up and even when you think something is good it doesn't hurt to keep an open mind and see what you can do to make it even better.” 
     You always have to have good friends as well they say.  If you can’t get along with each other, then things are just not going to work out.
     Right now  ENduVal is in the process of recording an album, but while you wait you can check out a few singles on iTunes.  You can also locate ENduVal on Facebook and YouTube, and be sure to go to www.enduval.com for listings of upcoming events.
ENduVal members, guitarist /vocalist Charles Manuel, lead vocalist Josh Krone, drummer Ryan Aldredge, bassist Chris Myers, and guitarist Billy Mullings perform on stage at the Outland Ballroom in Springfield, Missouri.

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