The Archimedian Point: Moving The Earth

by Tamara Styer

     Sitting down with Jeremy Shelton from the Archimedian Point is like catching up with an old friend. Though we have never met before, conversation flows easily, jumping from topic to topic, and we discuss everything including music, philosophy, college, journalism, creativity, poetry, film, Darren Aronofsky, Stephen King books, the Rib Crib and the Dharma Initiative. Shelton even announced, beaming, that he was going to propose to his girlfriend that very evening. This is not an unusual encounter with the front man of Archimedian Point. This is who Shelton is: personable, friendly, intelligent, opinionated and passionate about everything he does.

     The Archimedian Point is a rock band made up of two guys with a big sound. Their album, Genre Specific has a generic theme insinuating that they are just another rock band. Though when you hear their music, you’ll find a nice surprise wrapped up inside that Always Save package. The Archimedian Point is anything but just another rock band. They have an edgy, alternative sound, laced with progressive punk rock.
      “I don’t want to be different just because we’re a two man band," says Shelton. "I want the music to speak for itself.”
     Genre Specific is all about originality. With lead vocalist Shelton on guitar and Daren Hudson on drums and background vocals, the expressive tunes are full of poetic lyrics and political belief. Shelton writes, and Hudson collaborates with him.
     “I have lyrical ideas and put that together,” says Shelton.  “I can’t imagine what it would be like to not be the guy writing everything and be the guy coming up with drum parts to some of these wacky ideas that I have.”

     Shelton and Hudson have formed a friendship in which they are prepared for whatever comes their way in their pursuit of music.
     “If you don’t encounter resistance and you’re just going with the flow, are you doing anything good? Probably not. So adversity is good.”
     The meaning of the Archimedian Point comes from a quote from Archimedes, “Give me a point on which to stand and I will move the earth.”
     “I think that’s awesome,” says Shelton.  “It’s just a good mission statement.”
     The Archimedian Point is passionate about expression, their lyrics, which you can read on their website,, being a case in point: I am a medicated animal / but no longer do I sleep / I know now / now I know / this will be done again. 

     “You have to have your heart in the right place and have your dream where your heart is too. If you want to be a musician, whatever you’re passionate about, if you’re doing it and you don’t make any money and that bothers you, that’s a problem. You’re doing it for the wrong reason. Anything that’s not to express yourself is pointless. Just make sure you’ve got your focus correct and just keep doing it. I guess you’ll find out how serious you are about it how many times you get shut down and you keep getting back up. Expression is the meaning of life.”
     Check out the Archimedian Point’s new music video for their song, “Doubt is Our Product,” find their music on iTunes or and get Jeremy Shelton’s published poetry, Graffiti Sundown, available from or at their next show on July 15 at Nathan P. Murphy’s in Springfield, Missouri. 
    And on a final note: She said "Yes!" 

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