The Seed: A Better Way

written by Melody Alexander

IT'S NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE TO listen to The Seed without a smile plastered on your face. Filled with chilled out vibes, catchy lyrics, and a style inspired by the likes of Jack Johnson, Ben Harper and Bob Marley, the band is undeniably addictive.
     “I’ve always listened to Paul Simon and I’ve always loved Ben Harper,” says The Seed front man Lance Sitton. “And then I heard Jack Johnson’s first album. I knew that’s what I wanted to play. It’s so chill, and it’s my personality. It just came natural.”

     The story of The Seed started back in 2007, right after Sitton had recorded his first EP in Austin, TX.
     “Rico was playing at the piano bar in Springfield and I was playing with a saxophone guy at the time,” Sitton recalls. “He introduced me to him. We started practicing and kept playing. And then Thom comes along. He was doing a news segment with music here in town for a local news station. He asked us to be on it. Then he asked us if he would learn the bass, could he be in the band. So he learned all of the songs. Us three, we’re like brothers. I think that’s why we've stuck together so long. We just know what’s going on, and enjoy each other.”

     Since then, Sitton, drummer Rico Samuel and bassist Thom Gibson have been bringing delicious melodies and its smooth roots-meets-reggae sound to stages across the region.
     “We’ve been to St. Louis several times this year, Kansas City, Wichita, Houston and Austin, Texas,” Sitton adds. “People are so receptive outside of Springfield. If you can kind of throw down a name that you’ve played with them, or let them hear your music online, you can pretty much do whatever you want nowadays.”

     In fact, their next show at The Outland Ballroom this Thursday night, June 30 promises to be relaxingly groove-laden. They’ll be opening for New Jersey-based Echo Movement, another band that is climbing the reggae charts.
     “They’re really tight,” Sitton says. “Their newest album, last time I checked, was in the top 25 on the reggae charts on iTunes.”

     The Seed themselves are now performing fresh music from their second studio album, A Better Way, and with his own solo album due not far behind, Sitton offers advice to artists looking to make a name for themselves.
     “Just pursue it,” he says. “It’s so simple, just go for it. Read about it. Make it your life. That’s music. If it brings you joy, and you love it, just keep going forward.”

A hoop dancer from Hoop Frealy performs onstage with The Seed at the Outland Ballroom.

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