Hy Brasil: South for the Summer

AMONG THE MANY SUBMISSIONS from ReverbNation artists, Cali-based band Hy Brasil has always taken a place in our top tier of favorite artist picks. Hy Brasil has infused their unique brand of indie rock pop with 80s synth riffs and a solid beat backbone, topped with vocalist Wyatt Hull’s rangy and enigmatic voice. The 2018 release of their South for the Summer EP is a blend of lysergic 80s electronic and hook-laden power pop. Beginning track "Let Go" caught our attention with its driving rock beat and an incredibly catchy hook that recalls bands like The Killers and Panic! at the Disco. Hy Brasil's 2019 album For the Birds is a smart followup with seasoned and confident tracks like the ambient coastal cruising song "I Will," and "Do-si-do" — a powerhouse of neon-lit, sweeping ambient pop rock. Read more about Hy Brasil in our exclusive interview with frontman Wyatt Hull.

Hy Brasil - Ventura, California
Song Submitted: "Do-si-do"

ABOUT THE BAND: We are a five piece alt-rock band from the Central Coast of California just looking to make great music and enjoy the journey through that process. We liked the aesthetic of Deitra Magazine so we threw caution to the wind and submitted our music.

MUSICAL BACKGROUND: All five members have been playing music since early high school in various moderately successful bands, so we decided to form a semi-power group.

INSPIRATION: Creating music is addicting, like gambling — the possibilities that can arise from producing an infectious track are boundless. The challenge of creating that groundbreaking song and the story surrounding the lyrics and overall birth are what I love most about the process.

SIGNATURE SOUND: If I had to classify our overall sound I would say it has a spiritual undertone that can only be understood through listening to all the tracks collectively or experiencing us live. Our inspiration cannot be defined; there are just too many facets involved.

"There are magic moments both live and in the recording studio that unexplainably happen that no drug or worldly pleasure can rival..."

ON SONGWRITING: Our songs are all over the map; they broadly range from misanthropic tendencies to sesame street melodies fighting against tariffs and dead-end jobs. My favorite track of ours at the moment is called "Higher Ground." Our guitarist Nik usually brings an idea or fully formed instrumental to practice and we all add our parts, I tend to write my vocals and lyrics instantaneously as to not lose the initial energy that a new song brings.

FAVORITE MUSICAL ERA: There are a lot but if I had to pick one it would have to be early 60s psychedelic rock via Syd of Barrett Pink Floyd. That was what truly inspired me to embark on my musical path as a very young man.

ON PERFORMING + RECORDING: There are magic moments both live and in the recording studio that unexplainably happen that no drug or worldly pleasure can rival. These happenings make all the turmoil and self-doubt of being a struggling artist seem to make sense for a brief moment, and that feels like love in a nutshell.

ON FASHION: We unintentionally kind of look like the cast of Snatch had a baby with Herman’s Hermits.

"[We’ve had] nothing but hardships, but that’s what make us artists..."

OVERCOMING OBSTACLES: [We’ve had] nothing but hardships, but that’s what make us artists — the twisted mind that continues to pursue considering.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: This interview is our favorite moment.

FUTURE HOPES + DREAMS: We hope to dream more.   DM

Official Website: hybrasilmusic.com

Photos by Nick Jackson.

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