Laci Mercede: A Superpower Love

SINGER/SONGWRITER, ACTRESS, PODCASTER, PHILANTHROPIST. Laci Mercede is doing it all. Hailing from the sunny state of California, her signature soprano rasp vocals caught our attention in the R&B groove track "Penny." Her voice pierces over Luke Mitchell's smooth velvet accompaniment, with an addictive beat and undeniably catchy hook that showcases Laci's versatility as both songwriter and rising star. With a likeness to vocal queens like Bebe Rexha and Rihanna, Laci Mercede's voice has a quality that's crazily irresistible, and coupled with the ability to spin body-rocking tracks and heartfelt tributes alike (ala the heartbreaking ballad "Jake"), Laci Mercede is up and coming pop gold. 
Laci Mercede - Ventura, California
R&B / Pop
Song Submitted: "Penny" feat. Luke Mitchell

ABOUT THE ARTIST: My name is Laci Mercede. I've been singing since before I can remember! It's the truest love of my life. But, I looooveeee Deitra Magazine! I feel honored to be a part of it!

MUSICAL BACKGROUND: I grew up loving Amy Winehouse, The Beatles, Aaliyah, Stevie Wonder and many, many more. I sang all over my house as a child, my family was always thinking I was so annoying. But music made me feel so alive. I went to every concert I ever could and wanted all the dopest songs on my MP3 player. I was in church choir, tons of musical theatre and I performed at every open-mic I could. I wanted music the way I needed oxygen. It was everything to me.

INSPIRATION: Everyday life and everyday experiences. My biggest lesson as a songwriter was learning how important it is to live life. Simply so I have things to write about. I used to live in the studio and over time, I had nothing to write about. I took a year to go experience some things and had millions of things to write about. It's so so so important to do so. That's what I love about it — it allows me to experience amazing things and have this piece of art to remember the experience afterwards.

I wanted music the way I needed oxygen. It was everything to me.

SIGNATURE SOUND: I feel it's closest to a contemporary R&B / Pop sound with heavy jazz and soul influence. I love the artists I grew up listening to in the genre and it made me fall in love with it. My experiences in life, I feel, are aligned with the feeling of this genre. I'm deeply connected to it.

ON SONGWRITING: It's funny because a lot of my songs are about relationships — the good and the bad. But, to be truthful, it's because love is important to me. It always has been. People in society seem to think that's a bad thing, but I view my ability to love as my superpower. All of my songs are equally important to me, because they all come with a different experience I can jump into for those few minutes. Every song is the same in the way that they come from an experience or a thought. But they are different in that specific experience or thought. I've written songs in tons of different ways, but my favorite is when lyrics come flying to me from something. And I can sing the melody to match the feeling of the lyrics. The best songs happen that way.

FAVORITE MUSICAL ERA: I love all music and every form of artistic expression. Any time in history was a good time because, simply, it was the sound for that particular time. I really took deep love to the jazzy time in music, where music was about feeling, not about "making a hit." The feeling is how actual hits were made.

ON PERFORMING + RECORDING: It gives me peace and stillness. I am kind of a naturally hyper and manic person, and music gives me the opposite. It feels like relief.

I view my ability to love as my superpower.

ON FASHION: Fashion is my obsession. I love putting together outfits for my shows and for appearances. I mean, how fun is playing dress up?! With each show, I go with the vibe of the show and the vibe of my set list. I don't keep a consistent theme, because I feel my music and myself are constantly changing, so consistency in that regard is impossible.

OVERCOMING OBSTACLES: Of course I've had hardship. Life in general can be a hardship. The industry specifically can be insanely brutal at times. But I am a strong, no-bullshit, kinda girl. I don't let anyone mess with me, my family or my music. So any type of crazy industry fake... they can exit the building.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Getting to do a song and music video with Common was so amazing for me, it was a serious highlight. So was singing with Stevie Wonder. One of my biggest fan girl moments was literally running into Prince at the Grammys. I know that's not a personal accomplishment, but boy was I freaking out inside. We shared a special moment that I will cherish forever. But my favorite accomplishments are really just making songs. Having a love like this — or a gift if you will — feels like a wild blessing that I can't take for granted. I know saying that music has saved me is cliché, but it's the honest truth.

I am a strong, no-bullshit, kinda girl.

FUTURE HOPES + DREAMS: To make greater music, always. To heal people with my open mind. And to learn like a young person for the rest of my life.   DM

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