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R&B AND SOUL ARTIST July hails from London, UK and offers a sweet, sultry vocal delivered over smooth pop beats. Full of emotion and intensity, July’s songs have a worldwide appeal with songs about life, love, the cosmos and everything in between. Finding a solid space on our playlists, July is at the beginning of a musical career worthy of following.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: I'm July and I am an independent artist from London, UK. I began creating my own bodies of work when I was 17 or 18 years old and I haven't stopped creating ever since. I'm trying to be versatile and develop my own sound. I submitted my music to be featured in Deitra Magazine because I knew that it would be a great opportunity to use your well-respected platform to introduce myself to your followers. Also, being in a magazine sounds cool!

MUSICAL BACKGROUND: London has played a huge part in my musical background. Growing up in a city full of diversity has shaped my music. The different sounds, experiences, artistry and cultures that London offers has had an enormous impact on me. My Mother is the only one in the family whom I know has a musical sense and I look to her for inspiration. Other than that, I know that my Grandmother and Aunt have good singing voices.

INSPIRATION: When I was 17, I went into a studio with some friends and we messed around with the recording equipment. When I heard how I sounded, I knew I wanted to continue creating. The ability to be free and as creative as you want with no boundaries is what I love most about it.

SIGNATURE SOUND: I would've described my initial sound as raw R&B Neo-Soul. However, as time has progressed I would say that it is much more versatile and has elements from a number of genres. What inspires me to write or perform music in my particular genre is being able to use my natural creativity along with inspirations from the older generational sounds.

ON SONGWRITING: My songs don't have a general theme. They vary from love, drugs, food, parties, death and cosmos. I wouldn't say I have a specific favourite song of mine. I gather song-writing inspiration from personal life experiences, dreams, nightmares, movies, books and wild imaginations. My song-writing process is done either alone (not in any specific place) or with two of my friends.

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FAVORITE MUSICAL ERA: My favourite era of music is the 1960 to 1980s blue eyed soul.

ON RECORDING: What I love most about recording my music is listening back to the raw outcome of my creativity on the speakers and developing the idea from there.

FASHION: I wouldn't say that there is any specific fashion or art element to my music. However, regarding stage performance, I like to style myself to my own desire. For example, it could be a dark gothic look or an anime character kind of look. I guess it depends on how I'm feeling on the day.

OVERCOMING OBSTACLES: Making music comes with many ups and downs. I believe it's all a part of the process and journey. I've overcome obstacles with faith and being able to stay focused on my vision.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: One of the biggest accomplishments in my journey so far is watching myself grow vocally. I also love the creative process and hearing the outcome of songs on the speakers for the first time. Some of the most exciting moments are the process of writing my music and the feeling of creating a new idea.

FUTURE HOPES + DREAMS: I hope to continue making the music I love and to be able to share it with the world. I hope to enable listeners to step into the mind of July, whether they are fans or not.   DM

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This article can also be seen in Issue 15 of Deitra Magazine

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written by tamara styer
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