Droopy G: G Street Muzik

WHEN WE FIRST REVIEWED Droopy G’s song “G Mayne,” he had just come onto the music scene in downtown Springfield, Missouri. Since then, he has found his stride in the local hip hop scene, booking shows with local and national acts, and dropping a new album entitled G Street Muzik.
Droopy G has a voice that is all his own; a rich, sandy tone that resonates in every track. G Street Muzik features an all-star guest artist lineup, including some of our favorite locals like Munchiez, Rocky Young, Brief and Nick Fury.

A 13-track record, G Street Muzik is a window into Droopy G’s life as a gangster. In the first track, “GSM,” he writes about his experiences in his hometown of El Paso, Texas. Forever an OG, he writes: From the bottom to the top / All my ups and my downs / Remember when I was sleepin’ with one eye open / now I’m sleepin’ sound

“From the City” is an homage to the city of Springfield (I ain’t from the city, but I love the city). Other songs on the album feature the usual hip hop trifecta — money, drugs and sex — while “Cruisin’’ is a surprise feel-good track with an island vibe that conjures images of Cadillacs, cervezas, palm trees and bumpin’ oldie tunes. 

All in all, G Street Muzik is a polished collaboration, headed up by one of the most genuine guys we know. We’re always rootin’ for you, Droop! Get the album on Spotify and iTunes.

This article can also be seen in Issue 15 of Deitra Magazine

written by tamara styer
photo property of the artist

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