Music Review: Shaun Munday

written by Tamara Styer

SHAUN MUNDAY’S SELF-TITLED debut solo album is a tribute to oldschool blues singers accompanied by Munday’s exquisite acoustic songwriting using only one instrument. He is a bass aficionado, making the guitar sing rhythmically as if it were three instruments in one. 

     Likened to the technical finger-picking style of the one true bass god Victor Wooten, Munday offers the addition of a rich R&B voice that could stand on its own. This album features only Munday and his bass, but will have you grooving wherever you are listening to it.
     “Remember my name” is a slow funk ballad dedicated to a former lover, boasting fluid bass grooves and Munday’s velvety smooth vocals peppered with passionate raspy growls. “Just Can’t Lose” shows off Munday’s expert grasp of the bass with funk-face inducing grooves and lightening fast bass licks. “The Last Goodbye” mellows out with velvety crooning harmonies and a classic laid-back soulful vibe.   
     Munday’s command of his voice is undeniable, weaving smooth velvet and rasping soul with precision and intention. 
     “Stay” brings us into the pop realm with more lyrics lamenting love lost, and a hook that’ll stick with you for days.
     Track number 9 is a funky and soulful rendition of spiritual hymn “Wade In the Water,” opening with an acrobatic bass intro, and ending accompaniment by a gospel choir.
     The album wraps up with a live version of, “Remember My Name,” showcasing his ability to capture a live audience with only the command of his instrument and the passionate expression of his voice. 
     According to his bio, Shaun Munday is a graduate of the Berklee School of Music in Boston, MA where he studied and performed with some of the greatest artists and educators in the industry including John Mayer and Esperanza Spalding, just to name a few. He’s shared the stage with Corinne Bailey Rae, Andra Day and reggae royalty Aston Barrett and The Wailers. Anyone who has shared the stage with Bob Marley’s band gets more points in our book. You can often catch him performing live around Springfield, and the show is worth tracking down. Find out about his upcoming shows by following him on Facebook and on Instagram @shaun_munday.
     This guy’s talent and charisma is off the charts, and the album is pure sexy soul. You don’t just want this album. You need this album.   DM 

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