Music Review: 12X12: A Springfield Missouri Compilation

written by Tamara Styer

A FEW MONTHS BACK, Wee Rock Records sent us some vinyl records to review in the mag. Time to buy a record player, we said, and headed out to choose our cool new music-listening apparatus. 

     We popped the first vinyl into our new vintage-inspired record player - 12X12: A Springfield Missouri Compilation, presented on a hunter green and wine purple split-color twelve inch vinyl. We suddenly felt more hip and relevant when we heard the smooth crackle of that classic sound which some people say is the only way to listen to good music. 
     12X12 features twelve songs by twelve local bands, with exclusive tracks by local Springfield, Missouri favorites like Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, Gigantic, Paddlefish, Suzi Trash, Clawhammer, C-Rex, Introvert Party and more. Each copy is unique with a random drawing or words from one of the bands featured on the record. 
     The Cum Bats open up the record with the first track, “Coporrobber,” a throwback psychedelic garage grunge track fit for punk rock lovers and hipster house-party goers alike. Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin (or as we locals conveniently like to call them, SSLYBY) brings in an optimistic indie pop with the second track, “What Were We Thinking.” Less than two minutes long each, these tracks lay the way for the twangy guitars and dreamy vocals of surfer rock tune “Saturday Evening Girls” by The Beltniks, followed by Cole Ray’s Buddy Holly-esque micro song “Teach Me.”
     The truth is, some folks in the indie punk community can achieve more in a few turns of a chorus than the average 10-minute rock anthem. These tweet-level tunes are just right for this compilation trouvaille.
     Next up, Gigantic brings in their locally renowned hardcore punk rock sound with - ehem - “Eau D’Twat.” Yes, you read that right. And following this dirty-basement thrasher is the longest track on the record, “Gidim” by Wizard Solstice - a self proclaimed Psychedelic Doom Metal band that smacks of early Alice In Chains combined with the slow riffs of modern stoner metal bands like The Sword.
     There’s a lot more cool songs on this local music anthology. But you’ll have to track it down and give it a listen for yourself. Wait a sec, the Paddlfish track just came on, and we turned up the volume. 
     This alternative rock tune entitled “Am I An Artist,” brings us back to the laid back vibe of our favorite 90s bands.
     Clawhammer follows up with a swampy folk banjo tune entitled “Dry County,” succeeded by the irreverent track “Mansplain,” by female fronted punk band C-Rex (that’s short for Clitoris Rex, if you want to know). 
     Continuing the neopunk leitmotif, Suzi Trash brings in a thrasher track entitled “I Need A Cigarette,” followed by “Won’t Go Far (My Car)” by indie rock & rollers Introvert Party. And to end it all, the showstopper, a pirate themed metal track by Weedemon entitled “Black Sails.”
     There. We’ve spoiled it all for you. But seriously, you want this record in your ever-growing and vast collection. (How many times have you visited Stick It In Your Ear this week?) It’s a testament to the Springfield music scene and something that will become a collector’s item for any local music lover. 
     When you purchase 12x12: A Springfield Missouri Compilation, you’ll also get unlimited streaming of the record via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. Get this bad boy on vinyl, CD or digital streaming at
     Much thanks to Wee Rock Records for this one-of-a-kind compilation of local music, and for ushering Deitra into the cool-kid-approved vinyl listening experience. Our vinyl record obsession now ensues.   DM  

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