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randall shreve: devil's in the details

Randall Shreve lets us into his creative mind.As published in Issue 10 of Deitra Magazine.

written by Tamara Styer | photographed by Matt Loveland

SOME ARTISTS HAVE THE MAGIC, that certain je ne sais quoi. And Randall Shreve is indisputably one of those artists.     Having visited his private studio, Deitra Magazine had the honor of witnessing his creative process, getting an insight into how his mind works and taking a real look at the man behind the curtain.     He is the quintessential artist. A dream for any music enthusiast, both through song and the written word.     We meet up with Shreve outside his studio in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Passersby wave out of their vehicle windows. “Everyone is so nice here,” he says of his hometown. But it’s easy to assume that they were waving at Shreve in particular. He’s quite recognizable - with skinny red pants, black buttoned vest and fedora hat of the prohibition era. It’s undeniable that people perceive him as a star.     But who is Randa…

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