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Deitra Fashion: Femme Carnivale

written & styled by LaComa Jefferson Bass / photographed by Matt Loveland beauty by Kristen Lentz / modeled by Shelby Schulte
THE INSPIRATION FOR THIS photoshoot came with the arrival of the County Fair. The idea of a beautiful and chic girl accidently finding herself in a small town fair was something I have always wanted to play with. Light, ethereal and clean were my guide words, femininity my theme. A very finely dressed woman, soft and pristine, contrasted against the simply dressed people at a busy and dirty fairground.  
As I wandered around the Review Shoppe looking for clothing that spoke to me, the very first outfit that I fell in love with was the lovely little blue dress with the horse silhouettes. I loved how simple and flirty it was, and that it felt very tongue-in-cheek. Pairing it with an adorable, bedazzled bow, ballet flats and that AMAZING reversible Michael Kors bag completed this very sweet look. Cotton candy was also a major contender in completing the look. 


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