The World Over: A Primal Need

STANDOUT ALT-ROCK BAND THE WORLD OVER landed an instant spot on our top ReverbNation Submissions list and a permanent spot in our underground music hall of fameComprised of dynamic frontwoman Tiaday Rocke, guitarist Ryan Knecht, bassist Juan Arguello and drummer Alejandro Mercado, The World Over is poised to take their place on the Post-Hardcore throne.

Their song submission of "Find You" — it turns out — is a cover of a Nick Jonas song. Who knew? It just goes to show you how deeply we delve into the underground music scene, which often leaves us out of the loop with music in the "upper echelon." And although "Find You" isn't original to The World Over, their rendition of the "punk goes pop cover" is by far our favorite. Anyone who can cover a song and make it better than the original holds a high place on our list.

During our blind listen of this submitted song, Tiaday's voice reminded us of Michael Jackson's iconic rasp in "Beat It," with the addition of an intense outtro full of ripping metal screams and intricate guitar riffs. We were astounded by such a powerful tone coming from a female vocalist. This undeniably talented singer is breaking barriers (and the sound barrier, at that!) with precision and control, ebbing in and out of haunting growls and metal screams, while keeping a true-tone vocal in a genre that oft belies the ability to actually sing. Hers is an extraordinary gift; it's no wonder that Tiaday has been named as one of the 100 Top Females in Music by Alternative Press. Backed by a solid band showcasing equally impressive musicianship, The World Over boasts a strong compilation of hands-on songwriting musicians who have been touring across the U.S., through the UK and Europe, including a spot on the final Vans Warped Tour in 2018.

And if we've got our information right, all of this is before even releasing a full-length debut album.

But while we're on the subject, let's talk about the band's original music for a minute. Although their cover of "Find You" is what caught our attention, their spanning musical repertoire is what held it and kept us coming back for more. "Find You" showcases a deeper, more masculine tone in Tiaday's voice that is incredibly impressive, whereas songs like "Rewind/Replay" showcase Tiaday's ability to shine in her feminine vocal range just as fluidly and flawlessly as her more stentorian lower register.

"Rewind/Replay" holds the title for their most watched video on YouTube, currently at nearly 650,000 views and counting. The video showcases the band's ability to spin a captivating Post-Hardcore song — in this case, one that powerfully and emotionally commemorates Tiaday's late father.

The band's affinity for musical mashup is evident in their spanning playlist of tracks. Have a taste for music on the hardcore metal side? Check out "Swervewolf." The band's acoustic version of the rousing "Traitor" resides on the laid back indie genre, while the original version of the tune belongs on a Blockbuster action film. Each track electrifies with smart progressions, captivating hooks and vigorous daggers of intensity, proving even more the versatility and musical prowess possessed by each member of this up and coming band, not to mention a vocalist who — we are fully convinced — could sing absolutely anything.

Following is our interview with our new musical heroine, Tiaday Rocke.

The World Over - Los Angeles, CA
Rock, Alternative, Post-Hardcore
Song Submitted: "Find You"

ABOUT THE BAND: Hello Deitra Mag! We are The World Over, an active rock band based in Los Angeles founded in 2014. The name was inspired by our original lineup which featured members from France, Hawaii, Massachusetts and Connecticut who all met while attending L.A. Music Academy. The name also doubles for continuity and bringing people together through music as well as the goal to take the world over—one fan at a time! We saw your listing on ReverbNation and thought we'd give it a shot and see if you'd like us, so thank you for the opportunity!

MUSICAL BACKGROUND: Each of us come from a diverse and multifaceted background in music with the common interest of rock so we like to think it creates something new for listeners that discover us. We all attended music school together and became well versed in all genres so our love of blues, jazz, pop, metal and rock all really shine through in different elements of our songs.

ON CREATING MUSIC: All of us have a very primal need to create music or art; like an itch that needs scratching. Sometimes it's other music we hear, or events that happen in our day to day lives. It comes naturally to us and I think that's what we love most - that it brings us together to create something special that most people can enjoy as well, or find solace in.

All of us have a very primal need to create music or art...

SIGNATURE SOUND: We've tried categorizing our music into niche genres of rock or metal and found that sometimes musical "elitists" of sorts will say we're not this or that, or we're one or the other. We like to leave it up to the listener and say we're generally hard rock/active rock and hope for the best. In the writing process of our upcoming album, it was actually hard to stick with one particular direction because we have so many ideas. Some lighter, some darker. Whatever comes out is what comes out, but we had to pick the best ones that flowed well together in the end.

ON SONGWRITING: Each release we've done has had a specific topic or at least things in common. Our Mountains EP followed a consistency of emotions (mainly apathy). Our recent single release, "Rewind/Replay," has to be our favorite though. It's one we've been holding onto for a long time but didn't fit with our previous EP, so we waited for the right moment to release it. The lyrics came about in 2015 when my father passed away due to a stroke when he was in Barbados without any medical help. By the time I could get to him, he was already in a coma and I had to say goodbye to my best friend. Words just poured out of me when I was enduring this emotional rollercoaster and it felt right when I heard the musical aspects to the track we were building.

...I had to say goodbye to my best friend.

INSPIRATION: Most of our song inspiration generally comes from personal experiences and ends up with trying to find some sort of outcome to a situation that may not be the greatest. We like to try to release music that if someone hears it and can relate to it, they know there isn't always a dead end. As for my songwriting process, it usually ends up being a last minute focus session after procrastinating and getting it done all at once! I try to write off of what our guitar player sends me, but sometimes I come up with melodies and send them to him and so on.

FAVORITE MUSICAL ERA: Oh boy... I'm very much into what is currently out now because I like to stay up to date with what's succeeding, but all of us love some Stevie Wonder, or the 90's.

ON PERFORMING: We all love to perform! It's definitely been our most complimented aspect of us as a band because we go absolutely wild on stage. I specifically will climb on all sorts of things and get in people's faces to really get the message across in a song, and our guitar player loves to crowd surf. Our drummer is all about the stick tricks. You'll just have to see for yourself!

...we go absolutely wild on stage.

ON FASHION: We all like to stay fairly cohesive as a band on stage and look fashionable in today's streetwear, but our show is about the music at the end of the day. We want the audience we're playing for to have fun whether they know us or not.

OVERCOMING OBSTACLES: Like any band there have been financial or member difficulties that we've taken hits from, but we learn from them over time about how to be more frugal in areas that can save us from further damage. Unfortunately, that's how life goes but what's important is to keep pushing and keep moving forward.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Definitely playing the last Warped Tour for a week [in 2018] and touring the UK and Europe with Escape The Fate and Slaves (U.S.) was a great high point for us as a band! We're just continuing to cross more states, countries and shows off the map and don't plan on stopping.

We're just continuing to cross more states, countries and shows off the map and don't plan on stopping.

FUTURE HOPES + DREAMS: The end goal is to play a massive stadium such as the River Plate Stadium in Argentina or Staples Center in Los Angeles headlining the show, so we're willing to take the steps necessary to get there and are continuing to make music, shop to labels and book more shows until that becomes a reality!   DM

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