Music Review: Patience by Mogli

I FIRST HEARD MOGLI'S operatic, ethereal voice and lush song arrangements in the 2017 globally successful Netflix documentary, Expedition Happiness. As codirector of the film, she and fellow traveler Felix Starck chronicled their adventures remodeling an old school bus into a modern tiny home and traveling across Canada, through the American desert and into Mexico. The journey lasted eight months, in which time Mogli wrote a soundtrack for the film entitled Wanderer. The film was inspiring, but what truly captured me was Mogli’s pitch-perfect voice and meandering ambient musical arrangements played behind scenes of a breathtaking North American countryside.

Her voice was a stunning and pure backdrop to the film, setting the project apart from other travel and adventure films of its kind. At 25, Mogli has already experienced more than most, singing in an opera house for seven years as a child, then spending her teenage years at an acting school, where she landed parts in two shows in the London West End. Her most recent EP, Patience, showcases her intricate and intriguing songwriting with an underlying melancholy. The music rises and falls pleasantly around her, the slight lilt of her German accent reminiscent of Enya and Delores O’Riordan of The Cranberries, with a voice just as unique in her own right. Mogli sings like no one else, her voice like a warm blanket on a cold winter night. While Wanderer gave us a taste of Mogli’s chilling, love-at-first-listen songwriting power, Patience is as melodic and mesmeric as it is meditative and heartbreaking.   DM

Find Mogli’s music at, Spotify and iTunes. You can also find her beautiful and thoughtful music videos on YouTube.

This article can also be seen in Issue 15 of Deitra Magazine. Since appearing in this issue, Mogli has released another notable title: Mogli on Audiotree Live.

written by tamara styer
photo property of the artist

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