Music Review: Rad Bro by Lucid

by Madison Faulkner

TAKE A JOURNEY with LuciD to the land of the perpetually offensive and vapid creature known as the "Rad Bro." This creature has beguiled and perplexed mankind since it sprang into existence some two years ago, with its trademark practice known as “GTL”, belligerent and outlandish speech patterns, and puzzling, often unsanitary, mating habits. LuciD captures the nature of the beast in their new single, “Rad Bro”, off of their upcoming and highly anticipated sophomore release, On the Record.
     In this stab at pop culture pariah, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, the beat (perfected by Christopher Tilley and Landon Wells) creeps in before exploding with a bouncy, Middle Eastern inspired groove that springs back and forth until front man Kyle Colson’s vocals drop in with detonating force. Colson’s lyrics layer over a hard hitting riff delivered by guitarist Jake Bollinger before bringing the listener to a catchy hook. What’s ironic about this hip-shakin’, booty poppin’, Jager-bombin’ jab at “juice heads” is that the groove is so infectious and upbeat that it could, undoubtedly, be heard at any given club such creatures might frequent. The irony lies in the fact that while “Rad Bros” unknowingly fist pump to the beat, the message would be going right over their gelled-up, mindless little heads.
     Kudos to you, LuciD, and if they are smart enough to catch on, to all the "Rad Bros."

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