The COVIDiaries By Matt Loveland: #2

The COVIDiaries are a series of entries leading up to the COVID-19 quarantine, written from the perspective of Deitra Magazine's feature photographer, Matt Loveland. While Loveland frequently spends his days and nights capturing live music, fashion, art, comedy and other creative events going on in Springfield, Missouri, these outings — along with the entertainment and arts scene — came to a screeching halt. Following are the moments in time that he was able to capture, as well as his personal reflections of despair, loss, worry and ultimately of hope.

#2 – March 14, 2020

Well, I did what I would typically do on a Saturday afternoon, daytime drinking at The Flea! I also had a little bit of work to do on their Wi-Fi while working on my usual regiment of Fireball and beer. Luckily, there was still some live music happening in downtown that night, so I had that to look forward to!

The downtown scene was a bit interesting; it was supposed to be the night of the St. Patrick’s Day Pub Crawl, which did wind up getting canceled. I made my way over to the Outland Bar and caught Luna J. It was a pretty intimate performance, as the crowd was a bit on the sparse side. People still went out that night, but the energy in downtown Springfield, Missouri was beginning to wane as the COVID-19 epidemic was growing.

After I got my shots of Luna J, I walked around trying to capture the scene with my Sony A58 before wrapping up with another beer atop of downtown at Vantage Rooftop Lounge.

It’s always fun to stop by Vantage, I’m a huge sucker for the view. Plus, with the light crowd, I could take advantage of the heated igloos on the rooftop (typically, they’re full). Sitting in solitude was a decent way to spend what could be one last time to enjoy the downtown nightlife for God knows how long. It was the perfect time to take a seat, drink a beer, and try to figure out any sort of plan for whatever was ahead.   DM


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This is one in a series of diary entries written and photographed by Matt Loveland.

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