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A cool opportunity for independent musicians everywhere

Deitra Magazine, a print and digital magazine whose readership spans the United States, is on the lookout for new music and up-and-coming artists. Deitra will select five (5) ReverbNation artists for a featured music review in an upcoming 2018 issue and the Deitra Magazine website, Artists that impress the Deitra team enough may also receive a featured print write-up! We've already gotten over 700 submissions and we are loving what we hear! Submit your music at the link below!

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Kids and Chemicals: Sea of Trees

Written by Tamara Styer

FROM CULT FAVORITE ELECRTO-POP duo Kids and Chemicals comes this dreamy, alternative rock tune that is one of the most inspired tracks we’ve heard this season. Transcendent in its delivery, “Sea of Trees” has brought the band’s sound to a new level. The band’s new single and accompanying music video have gained coverage from publications like and New Noise Magazine, and coupled with the release of a full-length album entitled After Life, this might be Kids and Chemicals’ most anticipated project yet.


Deitra Fashion: Femme Carnivale

Written & Styled by LaComa Jefferson Bass | photographed by Matt Loveland
Beauty by Kristen Lentz | Modeled by Shelby Schulte

THE INSPIRATION FOR THIS photoshoot came with the arrival of the County Fair. The idea of a beautiful and chic girl accidently finding herself in a small town fair was something I have always wanted to play with. Light, ethereal and clean were my guide words, femininity my theme. A very finely dressed woman, soft and pristine, contrasted against the simply dressed people at a busy and dirty fairground.


LUX: Calloused Hearts & Love Songs


written and photographed by Charles Goodin

“THE ROMANS AND THE Greeks believed the Muse and the Genius were these otherworldly things — these spirits,” Jake Rogers tells me between long pulls on the straw of his iced coffee. “It wasn’t until the Renaissance that the Genius became the man. And when the man became the Genius, I think that’s where it all went wrong.”

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