Beauty Review: The Healer Skin Stick by Perfectly Posh

The Healer Skin Stick by Perfectly Posh - $14

written by Kristen Lentz

OVER THE PAST FEW months, I’ve been using a new chap-stick called The Healer by Perfectly Posh. My husband uses chap-stick like it’s going out of business, so I bought one for him, too. This Healer stick is so much more than just for chapped lips, as I’ve been finding out. Because it’s made from natural ingredients, it’s safe to use on your pets' chapped noses or paw pads. (Just to be clear, even though it’s safe to use on your pets, these products are cruelty free and never tested on animals. Bonus there!) If you have chafed areas on your skin, this helps calm any irritation, and it works like a charm to moisturize and balance the skin. It’s also great for mild sunburns and bug bites. The Healer is infused with great ingredients such as shea butter, vanilla oil and orange oil. It has a nice neutral, mild fragrance with a luxurious, softening feel. My husband has been loving it and so have I! DM

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