Superhero Beauty: The Journey Begins


"Let the beauty inside of you shine! When you have a health or fitness goal, it's hard not focus on the exterior. Don't forget how beautiful you are on the inside, too!” - Autumn Calabrese

written by Kristen Lentz

ABOUT TWO YEARS AGO, I started following the 21 Day Fix program by celebrity trainer, Autumn Calabrese. I had a wedding to look and feel great for, and a great friend of mine who could be my coach and get me jump-started. Among other personal reasons, including a long-term family medical history, this was enough to get me into gear. Since then, Autumn has been a huge part of my fitness journey, through reminding me of the basics of nutrition and the importance of daily exercise.

What has made this journey easier on me is the fact of how simple it can be to follow. It reminded me of nutritional facts I had learned about in high school, like the amounts of fruits, veggies, protein, carbohydrates, etc. a person my height, weight and age should be consuming. It's so easy to forget about the importance of balance and moderation! When we are eating the proper foods, our organs, digestive system, minds and everything else start working infinitely better. 

Working in the beauty industry, it's fascinating to see how many deficiencies show up in our hair, skin and nails when things inside our bodies aren't functioning correctly. Some things can be an easy fix by changing up or daily diet, while others are more complicated and need a doctor's attention. 

Water is also a big deal! 50-65% of our bodies are made of it, and we need to make sure we are staying properly hydrated. Our skin starts becoming dry and brittle when we're dehydrated, causing us to spend more than we really need to on moisturizing products. Being dehydrated can also cause headaches and negatively affect our moods. 

In addition to eating better and drinking more water, I've been drinking Shakeology. It's a shake full of dense nutrition with super foods, antioxidants, pre- and probiotics, amino acids, protein and digestive enzymes. Ingredients in this drink like camu-camu and rose hips are great for providing vitamins, anti-inflammatory properties and helping support a healthy immune system. These are also common ingredients in hair and skin care products. Camu-camu is found in some Peter Thomas Roth products, and rose oil is a main component in the Vibrant Sexy Hair line. 

To look like a superhero, I've gotta train like one!

On top of our nutritional game, exercise is key. Whether you like to go for walks, runs, lift weights, go to the gym, or work out from home like me, it's all great. It gets the blood flowing and more oxygen to your system. Since I started my fitness journey two years ago, I have done various programs available from Beachbody On Demand, including Country Heat, a dance workout with Autumn Calabrese, and Shaun Week by Shaun T, creator of the popular Insanity program. I recently just started Core De Force, an MMA based workout with Joel Freeman & Jericho Matthews.

Since starting my fitness journey, I have noticed a huge improvement in my mood, even if I'm already in a good one, as well as a huge boost in energy. I love getting to see even the tiniest of muscles form in areas and fitting back into clothes I once loved. Plus, I love doing cosplay for comic and gaming cons, and to look like a superhero, I've gotta train like one!   DM


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