Lucid: The T.R.U.T.H. Movement

By Ryan Colvard

Rock. Hip hop. Two great tastes that taste great together. For the past year, the trio of Kyle Colson, Jake Bollinger, and Landon Wells – combining, as the mighty Voltron, to form the “grunge hop” band LuciD – has been establishing their distinct sound in the Springfield music scene. Deitra Mag and Lucid sit down over a pint to discuss genre, music, and Truth (oh yeah, that’s a capital T).


Laughing Stock: Merr's Addiction

Written by Tamara Styer | photographed by Matt Loveland

WITH THE EVER-GROWING music and arts scene in Springfield, Missouri, another art form has been popping up right alongside the rock bands and indie artists. Deitra Mag sits down with Mark Archambeault of Laughing Stock to discuss why Springfield could become a central hub for stand up comedy.
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