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Behind the Magazine

Deitra Magazine has been supporting creatives in the Springfield, Missouri area for eight years, and has now branched out to shine the spotlight on independent artists from all over the world. We have struggled to gain enough advertising support through traditional means, and we thought, why not break all the old rules and put the power into our readers' hands? If you'd like to see our special edition Issue 15 of Deitra Magazine in more stores, locally and nationally, donate today!

Our Editor In Chief, Tamara Styer, started Deitra from the ground up in 2011 and wrote about musicians performing in the burgeoning creative arts scene of downtown Springfield, Missouri. With a strong background in journalism and a life-long passion for creative writing, Styer always dreamed of owning her own magazine. For years she had grappled with the idea of how to start a magazine with absolutely no funding, then in 2010 she decided to break all the rules she’d been reading about, and just go for it. Styer started out by blogging about independent musicians she found on ReverbNation, and in turn started getting invited to concerts and in-person interviews. It turns out, nobody was writing about the up-and-comers on the local level — the underdogs of the music world — and through Deitra Magazine, they had found an outlet to market and express themselves. Just as important as it was to step into her own skin as a creative entrepreneur, the magazine was filling a void in the lives of other independent creatives who were struggling to break through the crust and follow their dreams of making music for a living.

Deitra Magazine became known in Springfield for “making the little guy feel big” in a sea of musicians who felt forgotten by the industry as a whole. It wasn’t long until Styer and her staff of photographers, writers and stylists began producing a print magazine, including interviews and photo shoots of talented people from all avenues of the creative arts, including actors, comedians, photographers, designers, models, writers and even restaurateurs. Over the past eight years, a surprising turn into the fashion realm has become a huge part of the magazine, and has impacted the community in a way Styer never imagined. Deitra's bi-annual fashion runway shows bring cutting-edge fashion and creative expression from big-city runways right here to Springfield, Missouri. Deitra has been described as the only local magazine with a finger on the pulse of the creative arts scene.

The past two years have brought another exciting development. After eight years of using ReverbNation as a source to find new music, the online music platform reached out to Deitra to partner with them in a campaign to find talented musicians all over the world! Musicians submit their music to Deitra Magazine through their ReverbNation accounts, and a lucky handful of them get an interview feature spread in the magazine. It has been an amazing turn of events, and Deitra has the honor of showcasing an endless pool of creative talent that no other magazine is covering. Deitra Magazine aims to bring those artists out from the underground and shine a spotlight on their talents and hard work.

Here's the Dilemma

With the ever changing world of print magazines, we have struggled to gain as much local advertising support as we need to print and distribute Deitra Magazine, even in the the local Springfield, Missouri area. We would love to be able to stock the magazine in as many locally-owned stores as possible, and eventually branch out to locally-owned stores all over the country. Our focus of supporting independent creatives extends to local businesses, and we would promote a consignment platform with no upfront costs to our retailers, which means more money in their pockets as well!

Along with the much appreciated support of our small-but-loyal advertising family, we have decided to break the rules of traditional publishing (again!) and put the power into the hands of our readers. You, dear readers, are the driving force behind our magazine, and if you'd like to see Deitra Magazine in more stores, please donate to this campaign! Our goal is to print over 1,000 copies of Issue 15, which is a lot for us! Deitra is a high-quality, heavy stock, full-color, glossy magazine — and we refuse to lower our printing quality! We want to continue to present our readers with the magazine that you know and love, and now you can help affect change for the magazine and the creatives we have always supported. 

How You Can Help

Our goal with IndieGoGo is to use the funds raised to bolster up printing costs, establish local, regional and national distributors, and in turn be able to focus on more content creation through the print magazine as well as more website, video and podcast content. With your donation, the ball will start rolling in the right direction, helping us support so many more creative artists and gaining more readers. Donations from readers will hopefully eradicate the need for more advertisers. Which, let's face it, who wants to see more ads cluttering up the gorgeous design element of Deitra Mag?

This first campaign is the base-level plan to get Issue 15 of the magazine into more stores. Going forward, we have endless ideas and dreams for the magazine, including a long-term goal of taking Deitra on the road to many cities across the United States to establish various branches of the company. Deitra L.A., Deitra Austin and Deitra Seattle have such an exciting ring to them, and it would be our ultimate dream to go national with the magazine in this way so that each magazine would still be able to focus on independent creatives in each region.

There are so many talented people in this world who need a platform to showcase their works, ourselves included! Not only is this magazine an outlet for creatives everywhere, but it’s also an outlet for our hard-working staff of beauty and fashion editors, photographers, writers, graphic designers, video editors, models, stylists, event production and more. All of these people have dedicated their time to Deitra Magazine through a volunteer basis for the past eight years, including our Editor In Chief. We do it to support local and independent art, but mostly we do it because we love it and we cannot imagine our lives without Deitra Magazine.   DM

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