on the scene: a night out at bumsteads

Ritchie Allen, John Anno, Mark Barger and Nick Archambault of Bring Your Green Hat. 
by Michael Brasier
     On Saturday, September 10th, I was fortunate enough to have an evening off from the college life. This meant I could spend my night doing whatever I felt like. For me, a free night out on the town is a rare occasion. Often times, I find myself performing with my band or visiting the family back home.
     This night was different, however.
     I traveled to Nixa, Missouri after hearing that the locally known band Canto 17 was opening up for Bring Your Green Hat.
     Destination: Bumsteads!
     Upon arrival, I was picked up by one of the waitresses and escorted to the bar, where they treated me with a nice, refreshing soda, and proceeded to ask me about whom I was and why I came to see the bands. The bar room was bustling with Nixa natives drinking, conversing and watching with eager anticipation one of the many football games airing that day.
     When it was time to head out back, I realized that there was ample time to meet and greet some of the workers. After walking along a path of decorative stones, I came to meet some of the friendliest and most upbeat people I’ve ever met! Let me describe the scene: tables and chairs lined up to surround the stage, a decorative pirate ship, a dance floor and a bar. This is where I met two of the workers. They were excited about the bands and the turnout, exclaiming their excitement for the festivity the customers and musicians bring to their business.

Greg Marshall and Todd Osbern of Canto 17.
     Let me tell you, after Canto 17 began their set, the atmosphere shifted, and the night was fantastic!
     This is my first experience with Canto 17 and Bring Your Green Hat, and the performances were killer! The dance floor was always filled with couples dancing and kids flailing their arms and legs about like windmills.  By the time Bring Your Green Hat began their set, the place was crawling with people. I couldn’t believe the turnout!
     The workers brought a certain kind of style to the outdoor experience. They were beyond friendly. They told stories, joked around with each other and expressed genuine interest in their customers. These people want you to come back again and they make it a great experience. I will definitely be back again in the near future, not only for the bands, but for the extraordinary French fries that I fell in love with! The food there is amazing!
     Bumsteads is an experience waiting to happen. They are not just any normal restaurant. The business strives for creativity and the excitable atmosphere for their customers. For any band looking for a place to perform, give this place a shot. I guarantee it will leave you beyond satisfied.  

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